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The Charles Eliot Scrapbook Research Guide

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An inventory of the scrapbook's contents, organized by page number. Each item is listed with a title and/or brief description, date (if available), and the type of document - e.g. letter, clipping, pamphlet, etc. An overview of the major topics in the scrapbook, as well as the underlying issues and events that influenced Eliot and the land conservation movement. Includes page numbers for related scrapbook articles. An in-depth look at some of the questions raised by the scrapbook, complete with page citations. These topics examine the scrapbook's contents and value as a historic record and suggest avenues for future research.
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An alphabetical listing of subject keywords and corresponding page numbers for the articles and other scrapbook material. Includes a separate list of Massachusetts-related terms. Names of people mentioned in the scrapbook, including authors of articles. Corresponding page numbers are given for each name, as well as context for the reference, such as the person’s profession, location, and other achievements (when known). A list of recommended sources for further research, including several online archives that contain digital versions of the articles in the scrapbook, as well as other primary source material from Eliot's time.